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Invicta Plates

Pluto - Hybrid Wax Spray 500ml

Pluto - Hybrid Wax Spray 500ml

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Pluto was designed to fulfil the purpose of being a jack of all trades for a detailing product.

We took the gloss-enhancing properties from Bang, the soft waxy feel from Chrome and strong durable sealant properties from Ghost to formulate into a stable product containing properties of all three products.

A small amount of volatile content is present to help with the application of buffing as it aids flashing off.

Simply clean your car as your normally would, using our Blast Snow Foam and Galaxy Shampoo is recommended. Dry your car with a chamois cloth or a air dryer and make sure all paintwork is dry. Simply spray a small amount of liquid onto your paintwork, working around the car in swirling motions with a damp microfibre cloth. Allow to dry until a haze is present on the panel. Once hazy, buff off with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.

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Plates can be fixed to your car in one of two ways.

The most popular way is with Sticky Pads. 2 - 6 Pads can be placed to the back side of the plate. The body work of the car will be cleaned prior to this, and then fixed to the car.

The second way is with screws and caps. The plates will need to be drilled for this in a precise location, and then attached to the car by being screwed on. The caps provide colour coverage to cover the stainless steel screw.

Both of these can be found on our page.


All of our plates are made to order, so returns are not accepted. Returns are only accepted if your plates arrived damaged. (We do try our best to keep plates protected, but sometimes couriers get carried away).

For more info, check our returns policy.


All of our orders are sent out on 48 Hour Delivery. We try out best to get plates out as quickly as we can. If you place an order and havent recieved it within 5 Working days, we ask that you please contact us as soon as possible.